Author Guidelines

  1. General Writing Format

    1. The focus and scope must be in accordance with Public policy, Urban and Rural Sociological Studies, Local Political Studies, Public Management, Decentralization and Regional Autonomy, Bureaucracy, Organization and Institution Regional, and Policy Review research which is equivalent to the results of research studies.

    2. Articles are written in one column, to facilitate the reviewer stage by using Indonesian or English, using Times New Roman letters, size 12 pts, with spaces of 1.5. The size of the paper used A4 with a margin of 3 cm (top), 3 cm (left), 3 cm (right), and 3 cm (bottom). The minimum number of pages from 5 to 15 pages with the number of words 3000-6000 words including bibliography.

    3. Systematics or content in the article as follows: Introduction, theoretical study, research methods, results and discussion, conclusions and recommendations, and bibliography.

    4. Writing a title with a size of 12 pts and blacked out, the author's name is not given a title written under the title and writing an email address with a size of 10 pts.

    5. Reference sources for the past 10 years, preferably from research articles. In addition, the author is expected to do an International Journal (preferably those that are already reputable).

    6. The abstract must reflect the overall substance of the article content and be able to help the reader determine its relevance to the interests and decide whether to read the document as a whole. The abstract contains statements about the background of the problem, the focus of the problem, important steps or stages of research, as well as the main findings and conclusions. Abstracts are written in 2 languages (English and Indonesian), in 1 paragraph, 1 space apart, and with a number of between 150-200 words, with keywords 3 to 5 words.

    7. The introduction must contain the background of the study, the formulation of the problem, the purpose of the study and relevant research. In the introduction, it is recommended not to present data in tabular form, for the presentation of data it is recommended to be in the form of a description.

    8. Theoretical studies contain theories or references used as research references, in theoretical studies, it is preferred to contain theories or references sourced in scientific articles.

    9. Research Methods include the research methods used, including the place, time of research and how the procedures are implemented.

    10. Results and Discussion contains the results of the research and discussion of research findings. In the discussion section, it is recommended to no longer add data in the form of tables, figures and/or graphs, it is recommended in the discussion section to contain about (the meaning of the results of the research, the relationship with relevant theories, and differences in research conducted with relevant research).

    11. Conclusions and Recommendations in the section should include concepts and new findings from the research.

    12. The bibliography is sorted according to the alphabet using APA style. All that is referred to in the article must be written in the bibliography and all that is written in the bibliography must be referred to in the article.

  2. Specific Writing Format

    1. Equations and formula should be numbered as (1), (2)...etc appearing to their right.

    2. Estimation results from a software package are not allowed to be directly presented in the paper. They should be presented in summary tables.

    Tables and Figures

    Tables and figures should be presented as follows:

    1. The name of tables and figures should follow a numbering system (Arabic numbering system). The title of the tables and figures are placed at the top and the bottom respectively.

    2. The tables and figures should provide the source of information, if any, at the bottom. 

    3. Any table should contain only heading and contents. The table contains row lines only without column lines. Note(s) and source(s) should be included underneath the table where appropriate.


    Acknowledgment, if any, should be written as the foot-note of the manuscript's title.

    Subjects and Authors Index

    The authors should provide an index of subject, namely the specific terms in the manuscript. The authors should also provide the index of authors, namely the key authors of papers referred in the manuscript. Please write the family name followed by the given name.


    Citation in the text body should be written using the family name and years of publication. Example:

    a. Hill (2001) suggests that the objective of depreciation is ...

    b. Inflation targeting would be sufficient (McCain, 1982).

    c. The definition of contagion is ... (Wagner, 1976; Rhonda 2009).

    d. The Authors are recommended to use Mendeley Reference software.


    The manuscript is expected to involve approximately 20-25 primary and up-to-date references to assert high quality contributions to the knowledge development. Citations and references must strictly follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style.  References should include only works that are cited within the text of the manuscript.  Consulting the APA style manual ( is strongly recommended for completing manuscript submissions.