Peer Review Process

The manuscripts submitted will be evaluated by reviewers by the peer reviews method for contributions, originality, relevance, and presentation.

The editor will provide information about the results of the review in the shortest possible time, which is between 1 up to 3 weeks. Please note that the process of reviewing the manuscript sent to the Jurnal Administrasi Politik dan Sosial (JAPS) is likely to be reviewed for approximately up to 4 weeks. The editor will evaluate the manuscript that is sent according to the focus and scope of the Jurnal  Jurnal Administrasi Politik dan Sosial (JAPS). Once found to be inconsistent with the focus and scope, then the editor has the right to reject the manuscript that has been sent.

Reviewers review the manuscript from the aspect of quality and substance of the writing (not the use of grammar), which includes the renewal, authenticity, usefulness, and validity of citations and bibliographies.

Reviewers carry out a review process using the peer review method of the editor or editorial secretariat. If it is not compatible with the competencies and scientific fields, then the reviewers have the right to reject and recommend the manuscripts to others that are more suitable.

The editorial board's decision is absolute and all articles submitted will an e-mail reply with the following decisions:
1. Accepted for publication
2. Accepted with a minor revision
3. Accepted with a major revision
4. Rejected / unable for publishing

Based on the opinion of the editorial board in point 1 to point 3, the manuscripts can be assigned by the reviewer to conduct the article review stage, the editor will give the final decision to the author.

The revision period of the manuscript is one week and must be sent back to the editorial board through the OJS (Open Journal System). If the revised manuscript exceeds the specified limit given, then it is considered resigned, the editorial board will reject the manuscript.

Using Peer Reviews