The Government Human Resources Governance To Improve Public Services In Gempolkerep Village, Gedeg District, Mojokerto Regency

  • julieta maharani Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Afida Izzatus Syifa Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Hikmah Muhaimin Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Sang Alif Prasetyo Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Arif Rochman Universitas Islam Majapahit
  • Risky Abi Setiawan Universitas Islam Majapahit
Keywords: Human Resources GovernancHuman Resources Governance


The process of government administration the focus is on bureaucracy, bureaucracy that has the meaning of a system or instrument to facilitate the understanding of the order or level in the position of implementing actors, or government machinery. The fundamental Basis of all bureaucratic reform must therefore begin with a reform of the management / HR management apparatus, namely Personnel Management. This study is a qualitative research using data collection techniques, this study uses several methods of literature research, observation and interviews. In this study the researchers analyzed how the relationship of Public Human Resource Management with the improvement of public services in the village Gempolkerep Mojokerto Village District Gedeg. Based on the results of the survey conducted by the survey method, the village government office drafted a regulation in which each office has its own office and staff in accordance with applicable regulations. The purpose of this study was to determine the public service system of Gempolkerep village and to study the good state Public Service System. In addition to the benefits of the service system, it must provide satisfaction to the fulfillment of public service standards.


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maharani, julieta, Afida Izzatus Syifa, Hikmah Muhaimin, Sang Alif Prasetyo, Arif Rochman, & Risky Abi Setiawan. (2022). The Government Human Resources Governance To Improve Public Services In Gempolkerep Village, Gedeg District, Mojokerto Regency. Jurnal Administrasi Politik Dan Sosial, 3(3), 142-148.
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